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Billy’s Light is a full-service consulting agency specializing in event production and strategic marketing for small businesses and non-profit organizations. We hold over ten years’ combined experience delivering innovative ideas and strategic production for unique niche markets and audiences.

Whether you have an idea you’d like to explore, or a project that’s ready to launch, we can assess your needs and provide a comprehensive project plan tailored to your goals. We are passionate about helping you build a presence for your brand and making your ideas shine!

Event Production and Strategic Marketing 

Erica G. Thomas Collier, founder of Billy’s Light, has delivered customized event and marketing solutions to many prominent organizations, including Pfizer, Kellogg’s, Dannon, Blackberry (RIM), Times Square Alliance, New York University, and Healthfirst. As a marketing and media strategist, she develops and executes marketing campaigns that drive sales, build brand awareness and attract new customers. Erica has effectively partnered with select colleagues to bring Billy’s Light to you.

Wellness Services

As a Wellness Advocate and Reiki Practioner, Erica has added wellness services that can be utilized during the planning process, client events to one-on-one consultations. Services include Reiki treatments with customized essential oils and other natural solutions. For more information about Essential Oils, please visit www.mydoterra.com/ericasoils


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